Tim Boudewijn Bakker

PhD candidate (advised by Herke van Hoof and Max Welling)
Institute of Informatics
University of Amsterdam
Science Park, Lab 42, L4.04


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I am a PhD student at the Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab (AMLab) with Herke van Hoof and Max Welling. My research focuses on active learning and active sensing. Other interests include Bayesian DL, Safety, and AI4Science.

Selected Publications

  1. MIDL
    On learning adaptive acquisition policies for undersampled multi-coil MRI reconstruction
    Bakker, T., Muckley, M., Romero-Soriano, A., Drozdzal, M., and Pineda, L.
    In Proceedings of Machine Learning Research Jul 2022
  2. UrbComp
    Back to Basics: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Traffic Signal Control
    Kanis, S., Samson, L., Bloembergen, D., and Bakker, T.
    The 10th International Workshop on Urban Computing Nov 2021
  3. NeurIPS
    Experimental design for MRI by greedy policy search
    Bakker, T., Hoof, H., and Welling, Max
    In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33 Dec 2020