Max Zhdanov

PhD candidate (advised by J.W. van de Meent, Max Welling, and Alfons Hoekstra)
Institute of Informatics
University of Amsterdam
Science Park, Lab 42, L4.22


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I am a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab (AMLab) supervised by Jan-Willem van de Meent, Max Welling and Alfons Hoekstra. I use deep learning in various forms to learn PDEs from data. Before joining the University of Amsterdam, I was a research assistant at Helmholtz AI, where I worked on applications of machine learning for material science. I also spent some time working on graph neural networks and generative modelling with applications in neuroscience. Long ago, I developed statistical models of clinical treatment at TU Dresden.

Overall, my research interests revolve around physics-inspired deep learning and geometric deep learning. I am also interested in AI4Science and the applications of machine learning to physics.

Selected Publications

  1. ICPR
    Investigating Brain Connectivity with Graph Neural Networks and GNNExplainer
    Zhdanov, Maksim, Steinmann, Saskia, and Hoffmann, Nico
    In 26TH International Conference on Pattern Recognition Dec 2022