Fiona Lippert

PhD candidate (advised by Patrick Forré, Emiel van Loon, and Alfons Hoekstra)
AMLab and AI4Science Lab
Informatics Institute
University of Amsterdam
Science Park, Lab42, L4.06


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I am a PhD student at the Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab (AMLab) and the AI4Science Lab. I work together with the animal movement ecology group at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) on how to use machine learning to better understand and predict bird migration based on weather radar data.

Selected Publications

  1. MEE
    Learning to predict spatiotemporal movement dynamics from weather radar networks
    Lippert, Fiona, Kranstauber, Bart, Forré, Patrick D, and Loon, E Emiel
    Methods in Ecology and Evolution Oct 2022
  2. NeurIPS
    Physics-informed inference of aerial animal movements from weather radar data
    Lippert, Fiona, Kranstauber, Bart, Loon, E Emiel, and Forré, Patrick
    In NeurIPS 2022 AI for Science workshop Dec 2022