Christian Andersson Naesseth

Assistant professor
Informatics Institute
University of Amsterdam


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I am an Assistant Professor (Universitair docent) at the University of Amsterdam and a member of AMLab. Previously, I was a postdoctoral research scientist with David Blei at the Data Science Institute, Columbia University. I completed my PhD in Electrical Engineering at Linköping University, advised by Fredrik Lindsten and Thomas Schön.

My research interests include approximate statistical inference, causality and artificial intelligence as well as their application to the life sciences.

Selected Publications

  1. NeurIPS
    Markovian Score Climbing: Variational Inference with KL(p\vert \vert q)
    Naesseth, Christian, Lindsten, Fredrik, and Blei, David
    In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems Apr 2020
  2. Elements of Sequential Monte Carlo
    Naesseth, Christian A., Lindsten, Fredrik, and Schön, Thomas B.
    Foundations and Trends® in Machine Learning Apr 2019