AMLab receives inquiries about joining or visiting the lab daily. We are of course delighted by this interest and we try to reply whenever possible. However it is not always manageable for us to respond to every message individually. For this reason, we try to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

If you do need an answer to a question that is not covered, do of course feel free to write one of us! Here are some things you can do to write an effective message:

  • Include the URL to this page in your message, so we know you already looked at it.
  • Keep your message short and to the point.
  • Make it clear what type of role your are interested in.
  • Indicate why you are interested in working with the person you are writing.
  • There is no need to summarize your CV, but do provide a link to a CV, a website, and a Google scholar profile if you have one.
  • Finally, make it clear what specific question you are looking to get answered.

Do you currently have PhD or Postdoc openings in your lab?

We typically have multiple openings each year. All openings at all levels are advertised on the UvA website. We also list positions at AMLab in the news section of our website. Positions are posted throughout the year so do check back again if there are no vacancies right now.

How does the PhD program work in the Netherlands?

You apply to a PhD position in the Netherlands like you would to any other job. PhD positions are paid temporary 4-year contracts, with nationally negotiated benefits like pension, 8% holiday bonus, 8.3% end-of-year bonus etc. To be admitted to a PhD program in the Netherlands you must first have completed master’s degree (or expect to graduate prior to the starting date).

What are you looking for in a PhD candidate?

An ideal background is a degree in a relevant field such as Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering to name just a few. Mathematical maturity, programming skills, curiosity for the scientific process, and good communication skills are also some of the things we look for in a candidate. Successful applicants often already have prior exposure to research, for example in the form of a publication, pre-print or a research-focused thesis.

What are my career prospects after graduation?

Research skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence are very much in demand. Students from our lab have moved on to excellent positions in both academia and industry, nationally as well as internationally.

I am an MSc student at the UvA, can I do my thesis research at AMLab?

Most faculty at AMLab advise a few MSc students at any point in time. MSc project proposals are usually listed on DataNose. If you are interested, you should contact the member of faculty that you are interested in collaborating with 2-3 months in advance to discuss potential projects.

I am an ELLIS PhD student, can AMLab be the exchange institution?

We do consider these requests. Contact the faculty that you are interested in working with, explain what you will be working on, who your advisor will be, how much time you are hoping to spend in Amsterdam, and why you think AMLab and the advisor would be a good match.

I am an international undergraduate/graduate student, can you host me for an internship?

Unfortunately, we are generally unable to host international students for internships.