Talk by Sarod Yatawatta (RUG)

You are all cordially invited to the next AMLab colloquium on Tuesday, March 8 at 16:00 in C4.174, where Sarod Yatawatta from the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute at the RUG will give a talk titled “Modern radio astronomy: challenges and opportunities”. Afterwards there are drinks and snacks!

Abstract: Radio astronomy enables us to probe the universe in unprecedented depth and resolution. Many new radio interferometric arrays are becoming operational and the largest one yet, the square kilometre array, is in the planning phase. The flow of data from these telescopes have not even reached their full capacity and nonetheless, manage to overwhelm our data processing capabilities. I will give a brief overview of radio interferometric data processing, starting from the raw data to the end results as images. The data deluge creates many challenges in terms of computational issues as well as meeting demanding scientific
requirements. On the other hand, this also creates many opportunities, in particular for the machine learning community, which I will highlight during this talk.