Talk by Rodolfo Corona

You are all cordially invited to the AMLab seminar on Thursday May 2nd at 16:00 in C3.163, where Rodolfo Corona will give a talk titled “Perceptual Theory of Mind”. Afterwards there are the usual drinks and snacks!

Abstract: In this talk I will present ongoing on work on applying theory of mind, where an agent forms a mental model of another based on observed behavior, to an image reference game. In our setting, a learner is tasked with describing images using image attributes, and plays the game with a population of agents whose perceptual capabilities vary, which can cause them to guess differently for a given description. In each episode, the learner plays a series of games with an agent randomly sampled from the population. We show that it can improve its performance by forming a mental model of the agents it plays with, using embeddings generated from the gameplay history. We investigate how different policies perform in this task and begin to explore how explanations could be generated for the learner’s decisions.