Talk by Jakub Tomczak

You are all cordially invited to the AMLab seminar on Thursday September 27 at 16:00 in C3.163 (FNWI, Amsterdam Science Park), where Jakub Tomczak will give a talk titled “Deep Learning and Bayesian Inference for Medical Imaging”. Afterwards there are the usual drinks and snacks.

The aim of the DeeBMED project was to develop a powerful automatic medical imaging tool that can cope with main problems associated with complex images like medical scans, namely, multimodality of data distribution, large number of dimension and small number of examples, small amount of labeled data, multi-source learning, and robustness to transformations. In order to counteract these issues I have proposed to use a probabilistic framework, namely, the Variational Auto-Encoder (VAE), that combines deep learning and Bayesian inference. Within the project I have followed two lines of research:

– Development of the VAE by:
* enriching the encoder (Householder flow, Sylvester flow, Hyperspherical VAE);
* enriching the prior (VampPrior);
* enriching the decoder (an ongoing work with Rianne van den Berg & Christos Louizos);
* learning fair representations (Hierarchical VampPrior VFAE);
* learning disentangled representation (ongoing work with Maximilian Ilse).

– Development of deep neural networks by:
* learning from large images, i.e., ~10,000×10,000 pixels, (Deep MIL, and an ongoing work with Nathan Ing, Arkadiusz Gertych, Beatrice Knudsen);
* learning from multiple sources, e.g., different views (an ongoing work with Henk van Voorst).

During the talk I will outline assumptions of the DeeBMED project and its successes. At the end, a possible direction for future work will be presented.

During the project I have a great pleasure to publish with the following people (in alphabetical order):
* the University of Amsterdam: Rianne van den Berg, Philip Botros, Nicola de Cao, Tim Davidson, Luca Falorsi, Shi Hu, Maximilian Ilse, Thomas Kipf, Max Welling;
* the University of Oxford: Leonard Hasenclever;
* the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam: Onno de Boer, Sybren Meijer;
* the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles: Arkadiusz Gertych, Nathan Ing, Beatrice Knudsen.

Last but not least, all former and current members of AMLAB, QUVA Lab, Delta Lab and Philips Lab made my project successful through multiple discussions, meetings and seminars.

Slides (pdf)