Talk by Errol Zalmijn (ASML)

You are all cordially invited to a presentation on Wednesday, March 9, at 11:00 in C3.163 by Errol Zalmijn, data analyst at ASML, on “Transfer entropy: an information signature of causation in ASML lithographic time series analysis“. 

Abstract: Considering the ASML lithography system to be a complex, distributed computing system that can be modeled as a network of driving and responding or driven observables i.e. cause-and-effect relationships, transfer entropy (Schreiber, 2000), an information-theoretic measure of time-directed information transfer between jointly dependent processes, enables detection of causal interactions between simultaneously observed time series from lithographic system data. Being a non-parametric measure, capable of identifying arbitrary linear and non-linear causal effects, transfer entropy can effectively gain a better understanding of the underlying system dynamics, a prerequisite for accurate diagnosis and prognosis, as well as structural design improvements.