Talk by Deepak Geetha Viswanathan

You are all cordially invited to the next AMLab colloquium on Tuesday, January 19 at 16:00 in C3.163, where Deepak Geetha Viswanathan,  will give a talk titled “Generalized parts-based models for unrectified images”.

AbstractParts-based detectors are a widely used class of models in object recognition. We propose a novel approach which takes lens distortion into account and generalizes parts-based detectors to unrectified images. Standard parts-based detectors are typically applied to unrectified images, which is sub-optimal, or to rectified images, which is time-consuming. By modifying the feature-extraction and the distance transform function to account for the distortion, we have developed a principled method to generalize parts-based detectors to unrectified images. We validate our approach on omni-directional images with a large amount of distortion, and empirically verify that our method outperforms the standard parts based detector trained on raw omni-directional images.