Talk by Benjamin Bloem-Reddy

You are all cordially invited to the AMLab seminar on **Monday Mar 18th at 15:00** (Note the non-standard date/time) in C3.163, where Benjamin Bloem-Reddy will give a talk titled “Probabilistic symmetry and invariant neural networks”. Afterwards there are the usual drinks and snacks!

Abstract: In an effort to improve the performance of deep neural networks in data-scarce, non-i.i.d., or unsupervised settings, much recent research has been devoted to encoding invariance under symmetry transformations into neural network architectures. We treat the neural network input and output as random variables, and consider group invariance from the perspective of probabilistic symmetry. Drawing on tools from probability and statistics, we establish a link between functional and probabilistic symmetry, and obtain functional representations of probability distributions that are invariant or equivariant under the action of a compact group. Those representations characterize the structure of neural networks that can be used to represent such distributions and yield a general program for constructing invariant stochastic or deterministic neural networks. We develop the details of the general program for exchangeable sequences and arrays, recovering a number of recent examples as special cases.