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Tineke Blom joins AMLab

Tineke Blom joined AMLab as a PhD student on September 1st. Tineke studied Mathematical Sciences at Utrecht University and her research interests include causality, applied mathematics, and learning algorithms. She will conduct research on causality as part of the ERC starting grant project CAFES led by Joris Mooij.

First prize in CRM Causal Inference Challenge

An interdisciplinary team of AMLAB researchers, a biologist and a doctor won the first prize in the CRM Causal Inference Challenge (part of the Workshop Statistical Causal Inference and its Applications to Genetics, July 25 РAugust 19, Montreal, Canada). The team was led by Joris Mooij and consisted of AMLAB members Tom Claassen, Sara Magliacane, Philip Versteeg, Stephan Bongers, Thijs van Ommen, Patrick Forre, and external researchers Renée van Amerongen (Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences) and Lucas van Eijk (Radboud University Medical Center). The task of the challenge was to predict values of certain phenotypic variables of knockout mice, given data from wildtype and other knockout mice.

Tom Claassen joins AMLab

Tom Claassen joined AMLab as a parttime postdoc (50%). Tom studied physics in Twente and worked for several years as a Systems Architect before doing his PhD on causal discovery  and logic at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Tom will work on causality as a team member of the VIDI project of Joris Mooij.

Thijs van Ommen joins AMLab

Thijs van Ommen joined AMLab as a postdoc. Thijs studied mathematics and
computer science in Leiden and did his PhD on model selection and prediction
at the CWI. After that, he was lecturer for a Machine Learning course in
Utrecht, and will now work on causal inference in the CAFES project.