PhD/Postdoc position in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This position is funded by Bosch Research, is within UvA-Bosch Delta Lab whose research focuses on deep learning and applications to intelligent vehicles. As PhD candidate,  you will perform cutting edge research in AMLAB in the field of machine learning, will be supervised by Prof dr. Max Welling (promotor) and dr. Zeynep Akata (second supervisor). The research topic is ‘Methods for Semi-supervised Learning and Active Labeling’ where the goals are to use both labeled and unlabeled data in training a classifier, to train classifiers when the number of (labeled) examples is small and to detect bad labels and to suggest informative examples to be labeled.

PhD position in Reinforcement Learning. This position is funded by Microsoft Research and will be supervised by dr. Joris Mooij (AMLab, promotor) and dr. Danielle Belgrave (Microsoft Research Cambridge, second supervisor). The goal of the project is the development and application of a novel framework for personalised health interventions that combines elements of contextual bandits, causal prediction, and online learning. The deadline for applying is June 1st, 2018. For more information on the position and for instructions on how to apply, click here.